Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Going Strong

In the face of all the talk about the iPad2 I thought I'd have some temptation to go take a look at it, but then I asked myself what I could get out of it that I wasn't already getting from my Tab and the answer is....nothing. My Tab has got a very clearly defined role in my life-it fits right on top of my exercise bike so I can browse the news as I listen to music. Every evening I connect it to my netbook and copy over my TV shows from Tivo Desktop so I can watch them during my lunch in my car. I tote my Tab in my purse with ease and use it to show off photos, stream music and read books.
It's not perfect of course- if a thinner 7 inch tablet came out, I'd probably be interested in taking a look. And every now and then apps crash on it- sometimes hard enough for a spontaneous reboot. In fact, it was this that made me recently attempt to flash a new ROM. That project became a nightmare and I bricked my Tab. I was able to finally bring it back to life, but the experience was scary and disruptive enough that I decided not to attempt it again.
I can't imagine moving to a larger device. I also can't imagine moving to another OS- I love my homescreen widgets and the apps that work on both my Droid Pro and Tab. So kudos to those who got the new iPad- I'll be passing on the excitement for now.

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