Sunday, December 5, 2010

Battery Life Droid Pro Edition

The single best investment I made for my Droid Pro was the extended battery. Over the past few weeks the life has steadily improved and has gotten to the point of nearly Blackberry-esque proportions.
This weekend has been an excellent example of how hard I can ride the battery. I had a conference 5 hours away from home in Houston. As my coworker drove us to the hotel I kept on top of my emails and texted friends and family. Yesterday we had a half day of conferences before heading home. Because I had already checked out, I had packed up my charger first thing in the morning. My Droid Pro lasted me through the half day, the 5 hour drive home, the evening and then overnight since I forgot to unpack my charger before I upstairs to bed (and was too exhausted to go back down to get it).
This morning I fully expected to wake up to a dead battery and was surprised to have 30% left. All in all, I have been very pleased with the juice. I had some concerns about the original battery but this one makes me very content.

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