Monday, November 8, 2010

"It's Not Me,It's You"


January 11, 2011 will mark exactly 10 years that I've been in the mobile market. I remember heading to Target and picking up the Handspring Visor- I spent the rest of that weekend consolidating every post-it note and address book I had. But now, over 2 dozen mobile devices later, I wonder why I've never found the perfect one that has the ability to hold my attention for a long period of time.

-Moved from Handspring Visor to Visor Platinum for more memory after 3 months
-Moved from Platinum to Treo 180 for included telephony after 2 years
-Moved to TMobile Pocket PC Phone edition for color screen
-Moved to Treo 600 after 4 months because I hated the Tmo Pocket PC Phone.
-Moved to Treo 650 after 7 months for Bluetooth and improved resolution
-Moved to Cingular 8125 for Windows Mobile. Palm was getting old after a year.
-Moved to Samsung Blackjack after 8 months to get away from sliding mechanism
-Moved to Ubiquio 503G after a year to go back to touchscreen WM.
-Moved to HP 910 after 8 months due to issues with the Ubiquio (memory leaks, low-res camera)
-Moved to HTC Fuze after 3 months due to memory card issues on the HP 910
-Moved to Blackberry Bold after 3 months for QWERTY Bar form factor
-Moved to Blackberry 9700 after 10 months for improved camera, memory and size
-Moved to Nexus One to get Android experience after 4 months

Wow. That's a whole lot of transition! Now I need to take a look at what I hope to get from my next move to the Motorola Droid Pro:
1. QWERTYBar form factor
2. Android OS
3. Good camera
4. Good screen resolution
5. Decent amount of memory
6. Decent battery life

In conjunction with my tablet, I hope that I can settle down for a while with the same device.

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