Saturday, November 20, 2010

Galaxy Tab Battery Life

I suddenly remembered yesterday that I hadn't charged my Galaxy Tab in a while and a quick check of my battery stats showed that it was nearly 3 days since my last charge. In those 3 days I had used it to watch 1 show during lunch, used it as I worked out each evening for music and reading (via Kindle app) and playing various games (mainly WordFeud and Angry Birds).
The idea that this Tab can go so many days without a charge is exciting- to be able to toss it in my purse without worrying every day about battery life is a dream I've not yet realized on any of my mobile devices.
I don't really employ any battery saving tricks, except to keep it on airplane mode so I can use the wifi at home and at work. Overall I have to say I'm impressed with the technology that the Tab employs to sip on the battery rather than gulping (I'm looking at you, Motorola).

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