Saturday, November 13, 2010

Droid Pro...Keyboard, How I Missed You!


My Droid Pro came yesterday afternoon and I spent the rest of the evening happily configuring all my apps. I absolutely love my Pro! The keyboard is exactly the same as the Blackberry 9700 with one minor annoyance- the 'alt' and 'caps' key are inverted locations which require a bit of re-learning to remember each time.
The physical hardware is flawless. Its just about the same silhouette as the Nexus One but it is thicker and denser. The screen is smaller, and it definitely feels a bit cramped at times, but I suspect that might be magnified after coming from the Nexus (I looked at my old Blackberry 9700 and the Pro is luxurious compared to that screen).
Another small gripe is that the battery life seems to only be reported in 10% increments. I can't comment much on battery life at the moment, especially since I just noticed that I had accidentally set up Twidroyd to update every 5 minutes! I'll also feel a lot better when there is an Invisible Shield available for it-the back is very glossy and looks smudgy.
You should know going into this that the Droid Pro is not going to be your multimedia powerhouse. The camera is ok, the speakers are loud enough, but with the lower resolution everything is 'popping' quite as much as it does on some of those other 'all screen' phones. For me, I think its the excellent companion for my new Galaxy Tab.

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