Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cherrypal Scam....Again?

They say a fool and his money are soon parted and it seems in this case, I am that fool. I should have listened to the naysayers that tried to warn me about Cherrypal and the historical issues they have had with order fulfillment. On October 7 I sent them th $206 to cover the Cherrypad and shipping and to date have received nothing from them.

I sent this email to Zecozi yesterday:

Good Morning,
On Oct 7 I paid $206.80 for the Cherrypad from Cherrypal.
Today is Oct 20 and I have not received that Cherrypad, nor has my purchase
changed status to shipped. I don't understand what is going on, but it seems
apparent that there is no intention to ship this item to me. I would like to
cancel my order and get my money back. Please let me know how to proceed.
Thank you.

Zecozi forwarded the message to Cherrypal, and their CEO sent this response:

I am sorry for the delay in you receiving your order as there was a delay in the
shipment from Asia. Your unit should be turned over to USPS today and you should
receive a tracking number. We still believe that all orders will be delivered
this week.
If after you receive you are not satisfied with the CherryPad
America you do have 30 days to return. I am sure you will be satisfied and I
look forward to receiving a note about your user experience.
Green, Open and Fair
John E Collier-CEO

To which I replied:

Good Morning Mr Collier,
I sympathize with your delivery issues, but I still
maintain that it has taken way too long and at this point you are still not even
able to say with certainty that my order will be delivered this week. I do not
believe that I should have to wait over 2 weeks to hear that it may possibly be
up to 3 weeks for me to receive an item I already paid for. Especially when your
store states that deliveries are made within 7 days. As I stated earlier, I
would like my order canceled and my money back. I would prefer to purchase from
a vendor who can provide speedy service and promptly communicate delays (without
me having to initiate the inquiry).
Thank you.

And then...nothing. So this morning I sent this message to Zecozi and Cherrypad:

Good Morning,
Another 24 hours have gone by and I have received neither the
USPS tracking number nor a response to my email. Can someone kindly communicate
with me- you have taken my money and are now ignoring me. Is this some kind of

At which point the CEO of Zecozi sent this message:

I apologize that Cherrypal has not gotten back to you. Zecozi is an open
marketplace that represents many sellers that are amazing. I do not want the
actions of one seller to influence your opinion of the rest. Please give me
chance to get to the office and I will personally check on this and
respond to
Deana Zelenka
CEO, Zecozi

So for now I will wait and see what Deana from Zecozi does to make the situation right...

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