Friday, October 8, 2010

Cherry pickin'

In a fit of irritation yesterday I ordered a CherryPad. Basically the perfect storm of events led up to this:
- My Asus is still freezing occasionally during video playback. Very annoying
- Carrying my Asus everyday in my purse is killing my back. I've also got my thermos in there, so its not just those 2lbs.
- We still have episodic network issues at home with our AT&T wifi so I'm not sure I can rely on being able to watch my Slingplayer every day.
-Samsung is continuing to play emotional mindgames with me regarding release dates and pricing.
-The newly announced Motorola Droid Pro is going to be my new phone the day its released. So with that in mind, the idea of having the tablet be my 'do-it-all' device has been shelved.
My Cherrypad should be arriving next week and I look forward to seeing what this device brings. If it can play video well enough, that should be enough to satisfy my needs....I think.

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