Saturday, October 30, 2010

Arguments for a Tablet Device


When the tablet craze began I was interested because I thought at minimum it would give me a convenient way to watch shows during my lunch break at work. But then on Thursday night I received the Cherrypad and suddenly realized a million and one uses- okay, maybe not exactly a million, but certainly more than I had thought. At 7 inches, it makes a very handy e-reader once connected to the Kindle app. I popped my sd card and I was able to enjoy using it as my music device with one important feature I never realized I was missing- uninterrupted playback. Using my phone as my music device has been convenient, but also keeps me 'in the mix' of what's going on: reading a book, or trying any other 'escapist' activity is always cut short by incoming email, text messages, phone calls, or IM message. But yesterday as I hopped onto my stationary bike for a workout I was able to listen to music and read an ebook completely undisturbed.
That experience gave me a complete understanding of why the Kindle has become the runaway success it is. Being able to become totally submerged in the experience without the interruptions of real life is an amazing concept. Its good to be connected , but then its also great to be able to enjoy the experience of technology without the perpetual pings, flashing leds and pop-up messages.

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