Monday, September 20, 2010

The Dilemna....

I've been meaning to post about this issue I've been experiencing lately with my Asus 1018p. You see, the whole reason why it became important for me to have a portable netbook is because just about every day at lunch I watch my TV show from the night before in my car. It sounds crazy, but some days it really is the only moment of absolute peace that I have to myself.
Once I got my Asus I upgraded the software to the full version of Windows 7 and that's when the trouble began. Somewhere in that process I must have made an error with the drivers or something because every time I play a video using Windows Media Player it freezes periodically. While the freeze happens, the counter keeps going and then it suddenly starts playing again at double speed. Needless to say, its very annoying. I've had my trusty IT guy at work take a look and he is as stumped as I am.
It's for this reason that I have been especially smitten with the Galaxy Tab. I figured it would be a nice big screen to watch my videos as well as being even more portable. But the more I thought about the idea of offloading to yet another device, the more confused I got. Where would I get my texts? Which device would store my wardrobe and automobile log entries? I still get confused thinking about it.
So for now I've downloaded the VLC media player. I'm going to test it out this week and see if helps with the freezes I've been experiencing. It takes my Asus a little longer to convert my videos to a non-Tivo format but if it fixes the problem, then it'll be worth it. Then I can just go back to waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Q.....

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