Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Waiting Game

Every year, around this time, it happens. I am filled with an overwhelming sense of mobile boredom and I am frantically scouring the web to find a leak, a rumor, a HINT of a device that could make me happy. This year its not as bad- I am enjoying my Nexus One, and the apps that Android brings to the table- but I have become obsessed with the search for a QWERTYBar Android phone. I heard about the Motorola Charm a few weeks ago and was convinced that it was the key to my contentedness. After a close review of the specs, I realized that I would be heading right back to the days of the HP 910 and Ubiquio 503G....in other words- not a direction I really wanted to head in.
Then I saw the leaked specs of the Samsung Galaxy Q which looks to be a higher-end device with a hi-res screen, better processor and improved camera. But so far we haven't even seeen a rendering of this device. Samsung has announced an event next Wednesday- I have my fingers (and toes!) crossed that there will be an official launch of the Galaxy Q unlocked or on AT&T. I have already earmarked the money for this, and I am ready to make that transition. You should probably be keeping your fingers crossed too. A keyboarded mobile device is basically all that separates you from more Mobigasmic goodness!

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