Monday, August 9, 2010

Twidroyd: Twitter for Android

Once I made the transition to Android from Blackberry, the one area I had the hardest time adjusting was the search for the perfect Twitter client. Socialscope had spoiled me terribly with its integration with Facebook, inline image previews and instant access. I started off with Touiteur, which is a glossy, attractive application for Twitter. However, I found Touiteur over time to be a bit too glossy- even the most basic of functions required several screen taps. For example- to view trends I had to tap the icon for more shortcuts, select trends from that list, then refresh trends (for some reason, they didn't auto refresh) then repeat the whole cycle to view current items.
Eventually I noticed that my Twitter usage was falling off. In part I can certainly attribute that to a lack of physical keyboard, but I am convinced that part of it was because of my choice of app. I tried several different ones and finally gave Twidroyd a shot. Its lightweight, well laid-out and even though it doesn't show images inline, it has a nice semi-transparent preview window that overlays the app so you don't need to leave to see pictures or follow links.


It also resolves a minor peeve I had with some apps I tested out- I find it very useful to know which interface people are sending tweets from. Most of the people I follow tend to switch devices quite a bit (*cough* MichaelManna *cough) and seeing the app they sent a message from is a quick way to know that OS they are on. Until I find a solution that can give me inline image preview as well as a dark theme, I'll be sticking with Twidroyd, which seems to be coming along very nicely.

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