Friday, August 27, 2010

Tethering to the Rescue

I checked in to the hotel last night and found that I would be able to connect via ethernet cable but there was no wifi available in my room. I remembered with FroYo that my Nexus One could act as a hotspot for my netbook. That's the connection I've been using throughout the hotel room at this point. Thank goodness I took the plunge and updated my Nexus! For what its worth, the seminar I'm attending has been very interesting so far!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

On the Road Again

This time my travels are taking me much closer to home: I'll be attending a seminar at a hotel only about an hour from home. However, I'll be staying at the hotel and we'll see their connectivity options I'm in the car being driven to the hotel and using my wireless usb dongle. more later....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Galaxy Tab

Here it is- the drool-inducing video of the Samsung Tab. And I have to admit- I want one! The Tab looks to be extremely portable, and running Android 2.2. If Samsung really does release the Galaxy Q I can see having a Q and a Tab to replace my Nexus....

Sunday, August 15, 2010

MyBookDroid for Android

I've been using GoodReads for a while now- not for the social aspect but for the ability to keep track of what I've read and what I want to read. So naturally I've been looking for a way to get that info on to my Nexus. I haven't found a solution yet but I've come up with something really exciting instead. MyBookDroid is a great find that's perfect for many reasons:

-I was able to scan the barcodes on my books and build my library in a few minutes. Now I have an organized list of all my books.

-When I see a book I can scan it and tag it as a book to read later.

- I can find similar books or go directly to buy from Amazon.

In the future the developer has promised sync with GoodReads. In the meantime its a great app for book management. And here's a tip: build a separate library for your eBooks to separately identify your physical books from your Kindle downloads.


Testing blogaway

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tweetdeck for Android! (Its a beta)

The good news is that the much beloved app TweetDeck is in beta for Android. That means that if you've been jonesing for your multi-account fix, here it is finally. Its a basic app that shows you a single stream of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Google Buzz activity. It looks very promising:


Of course as a beta, there are a few things its lacking:
1. No customizable refresh intervals
2. No customizable alerts (it alerts for all new tweets)
3. No resizable font. This annoys me quite a bit as the font is HUGE.
It doesn't show images inline, but tapping on a tweet does show a nice preview of the image:


For a beta, it shows they are definitely on the right track. Until at least the refresh rate is fixed, I'm going to keep it on a back burner, but I will keep a close eye on it. If you would like to keep an eye on it you can pick it up here.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WordFeud.....Good Times!

My new guilty pleasure is WordFeud. It's an online game of Scrabble that you play with friends or with random players.
What I especially like is that you can play multiple games simultaneously and you can have notifications so you can do other things and then come back to your game when the other player has made a move.
Wordfeud is in the appmarket and if you fancy a game, you can use the 'play with friend' option and add me - lulugirl896. Game on!

DroidSeries: Track Episodes on your Android

So now that I found a TV Guide app I'm happy with, I stumbled on to this gem in the XDA Forums. DroidSeries is a database of shows in chronological order by season. You search for your favorite shows and then the app gives you the name of each episode, as well as a brief synopsis and rating.
Its not something I would use everyday, but for those times when you are catching up on old episodes, its a great way to know the order and also to have the full name to key into your TiVo.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Twidroyd: Twitter for Android

Once I made the transition to Android from Blackberry, the one area I had the hardest time adjusting was the search for the perfect Twitter client. Socialscope had spoiled me terribly with its integration with Facebook, inline image previews and instant access. I started off with Touiteur, which is a glossy, attractive application for Twitter. However, I found Touiteur over time to be a bit too glossy- even the most basic of functions required several screen taps. For example- to view trends I had to tap the icon for more shortcuts, select trends from that list, then refresh trends (for some reason, they didn't auto refresh) then repeat the whole cycle to view current items.
Eventually I noticed that my Twitter usage was falling off. In part I can certainly attribute that to a lack of physical keyboard, but I am convinced that part of it was because of my choice of app. I tried several different ones and finally gave Twidroyd a shot. Its lightweight, well laid-out and even though it doesn't show images inline, it has a nice semi-transparent preview window that overlays the app so you don't need to leave to see pictures or follow links.


It also resolves a minor peeve I had with some apps I tested out- I find it very useful to know which interface people are sending tweets from. Most of the people I follow tend to switch devices quite a bit (*cough* MichaelManna *cough) and seeing the app they sent a message from is a quick way to know that OS they are on. Until I find a solution that can give me inline image preview as well as a dark theme, I'll be sticking with Twidroyd, which seems to be coming along very nicely.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Waiting Game

Every year, around this time, it happens. I am filled with an overwhelming sense of mobile boredom and I am frantically scouring the web to find a leak, a rumor, a HINT of a device that could make me happy. This year its not as bad- I am enjoying my Nexus One, and the apps that Android brings to the table- but I have become obsessed with the search for a QWERTYBar Android phone. I heard about the Motorola Charm a few weeks ago and was convinced that it was the key to my contentedness. After a close review of the specs, I realized that I would be heading right back to the days of the HP 910 and Ubiquio other words- not a direction I really wanted to head in.
Then I saw the leaked specs of the Samsung Galaxy Q which looks to be a higher-end device with a hi-res screen, better processor and improved camera. But so far we haven't even seeen a rendering of this device. Samsung has announced an event next Wednesday- I have my fingers (and toes!) crossed that there will be an official launch of the Galaxy Q unlocked or on AT&T. I have already earmarked the money for this, and I am ready to make that transition. You should probably be keeping your fingers crossed too. A keyboarded mobile device is basically all that separates you from more Mobigasmic goodness!