Friday, June 18, 2010

Top 10 Reasons I Love My Nexus One


1. Bedside Mode- each night I drop it in the pod it dims and shows a clock as it charges
2. Pods- no need to fumble with cords, just drop it into the charging pod.
3. Live Wallpapers- no real function, I just love the futuristic look of them
4. Screen- I underestimated the value of being able to see a month's worth of appointments on a single screen.
5. Customized LED- no need for noise- I can take a look at my phone and by the color know exactly what's trying to get my attention.
6. Homescreen Widgets- I missed homescreen plugins the most from my Windows Mobile days, and Widgets seem like the next evolution.
7. Context menus- being able to so easily share my pictures, webpages, and everything else makes a usually isolated experience so social
8. Car Dock-with my Nexus One in its car dock, I have full navigation, podcasts and music at my fingertips, even with both hands on the wheel.
9. Camera- the best camera I've had on a mobile device and with 2.2 its only going to get a better interface.
10. Build- from the strength of body and screen to the thinness of it, the Nexus One gives sexy a whole new meaning.

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