Thursday, June 10, 2010

iPhone 4 Thoughts

It must be hard being Apple. Once you wow the world with the original iPhone, everything after that just has to be anticlimactic. Sure, added speed, a few new features are nice- but that original sense of awe is something that may be a once-in-a-lifetime thing.
On Monday, Steve gave his keynote for WWDC and introduced us to the new iPhone 4. Bear in mind- the 4 in the name refers to the generation number, not to the network its capable of accessing (unlike the Sprint Evo 4G). Unfortunately, much of Steve's thunder had already been stolen after the mishap with a certain beer-swirling engineer.
The Facetime feature for video conferencing looked to be one of the more interesting additions- you'll need 2 iPhone 4s and Wifi connections on both to get this going. I'm not quite sure why I wouldn't just go ahead and use Skype at that point, but I'm sure Apple will prove me wrong on that soon enough. (Incidentally, for all the hoopla about front-facing cameras one would be hard pressed to remember that phones like the Jasjar had them way before it was fashionable!)
All in all the whole announcement left me feeling the same way I felt about the iPad launch; a little....deflated.

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