Saturday, May 22, 2010

Youtube HQ For All Android Devices!

By now everyone has seen the videos of the drool-worthy Sprint Evo 4G, and especially the HQ Youtube player. I hadn't given it much thought, as the Youtube player on my Nexus One seems to automagically bump up the video quality when its on Wifi.
But the one glitch that has irritated me for a while now is the fact that the filter by date feature doesn't work. Nothing major, just makes tedious work of trying to drill down during the search process.
I was browsing the Android central forums and came across this thread where forum poster pardonmyfreedom had been able to extract the HQ Youtube APK from the Sprint Evo 4G ROM. I pulled it and put it on my Nexus One and it works perfectly! There is an updated homescreen widget:


And more importantly the filter by bug is fixed! If you're interested in giving it a whirl you can pick it up here (forum registration needed). Enjoy!

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