Monday, April 26, 2010

A Month of Nexus One


Its hard to believe its only been a month since I've been using the Nexus One-its been an experience completely unlike any other. My Nexus has completely changed my gadget ecosystem-I haven't picked up my iPhone or standalone GPS since I got the car dock. I ended up returning the iPad because I couldn't fathom a scenario where I'd use it over my Nexus. I don't even miss a keyboard anymore because I couldn't imagine not having the screen real estate.
I've found apps to satisfy just about every requirement I had. The car dock has not only given me an excellent GPS device, its also kept me safe by removing the temptation to text or check emails while on the go. Using Toodledo and Got To Do for Android has taken me to a whole new level of organization (much needed since my recent promotion!). NewsRob keeps my Google Reader news items manageable as it has full sync. I've settled on Touiteur as my Twitter client of choice- its a rich, full featured experience.
The hardware itself is nothing short of spectacular- minimalist design and sleek curves. Everywhere I go I am asked about it- its just a conversation piece in itself. The camera and video are very good. Here's a sample video I took a few days ago...

It hasn't all been roses, naturally. I still wish there was a way to capture screenshots more easily. The speaker could stand to be a bit louder. I have a few gripes about the car dock- I plug in for MP3 playback over my car speakers, but I can't take a call that way because the caller has problems hearing me. I'd love the trackball to glow different colors based on the notification, but I hear that may be coming in a future update.
Its certainly been an amazing month with my Nexus One, and I'm excited to see what the upcoming months bring. I'm sure more interesting accessories will be coming soon, and updates have been a foregone conclusion on this device. Do I regret my switch? Absolutely not. The experience has been what I hoped it would be and so much more- the fun and flexibility of Windows Mobile, with the apps of the iPhone and the consistency of Blackberry.

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