Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HelixLauncher for Android


If you asked me what my single most useful app for Android is, I'd have to say HelixLauncher. Its one of those apps that you install, never think about again, but every now and again wonder how you ever functioned without it. When I moved to the Nexus 1 after a brief fling with the Motorola Backflip the only thing I found myself missing was the quick access to the 'phone' button at the bottom of the screen. It made it easy to make a call regardless of which page on the homescreen you were on:


I did some research and firmly resolved to not go the route of rooting my N1. After reading some forums, I stumbled on Helix Launcher which boasted these features:

•Based on Launcher
•Standalone Launcher
•Sense UI-like scrolling / Velocity Scrolling
•Enabled rotation
•Double Tap action for Screen Previews
•Up to 7 screens!
•Full-screen app menu (with notification bar still)
•Quick Shortcuts! - Drag & Drop and shortcuts to the QuickBar

So I promptly downloaded it and have been in love ever since. 7 homescreens rather than 5, and 4 Quick shortcuts which are accessible on all homescreens. Unlike Home++ (which I never tried) it does support live wallpapers (yay!) and works like a champ in the background. I have had it force close on a rare occasion but it fixes itself so quickly you hardly notice. If you're trying to avoid the rooting route like me, but want a few added features on your Android device, give it a shot!

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