Monday, April 19, 2010

An eReader App for (Almost) All Formats


Here's some background on my eReading history: for the past couple of years I've been spread between the Fictionwise eReader and Mobipocket. The Mobipocket store is more expensive but the Mobipocket Creator means that you can turn Word, PDF or Text files into a book. The Blackberry OS had both readers available, but I opted to go with Mobipocket mainly because it was the only ereader that had white text on black background.
So once I got my Nexus, I was eager to find out what my options would be. I checked for versions of eReader and Mobipocket- the Android store has an eReader app (which ties nicely to the online store and bookshelf) but there was no Mobipocket app. I did, however, stumble on a gem called iReader. iReader claimed to be able to read both eReader and Mobipocket files (not to mention txt, prc and pdb files) - you can store your Mobipocket and eReader PIDs to make opening your books a cinch. iReader has tons of options for colors and brightness as you read- its the real deal.

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