Friday, March 26, 2010

Nexus One Impressions and Thoughts

If I haven't done enough gushing about my new Nexus One, its only because I've been too busy having all kinds of fun with it

From the moment it arrived yesterday afternoon I've barely had it off for more than a minute at a time. Battery life is surprisingly more than I could have hoped for, although expectedly less than I had been used to. Today is a poor example because I've still been setting everything up, but its been 9 hours of heavy use on Wifi and 3G with eBuddy IM and all syncing accounts and my battery is at 36%.

As you can see, its a horrendous fingerprint magnet. I've ordered and invisibleshield, and I really hope it helps.

There really is an app for just about everything. And once I fired up the Marketplace on the Nexus One, I found that (unlike the backflip), I could find full-version apps to purchase. Here are a few of my top selections:

-eBuddy IM client: I tried a couple, and this is my current favorite.
-TapMoney Tracker: I chose this over ClearCheckBook after I found that ClearCheckbook required an internet connection to operate.
-iReader: an excellent ebook reader that can even read my Mobipocket encrypted books. Joy!
-NewsRob: its a tight race between this app and ReaderScope for my GoogleReader feeds sync.
-BeyondPod: I was pleasantly surprised to be reunited with this Podcast gem that I had grown to love in my Windows Mobile days.

I can't say it enough: I love the widgets on the homescreen. In one or two flicks I can be completely caught up on news, weather, twitter, facebook, my calendar and to-do lists. Its exactly as thrilling as I thought it would be the very first time I saw the Sense UI.

Typing without a keyboard hasn't been as awful as I expected it to be. I suspect that in a week or so, I'll be a pro at it. For now, everyone is giving me a pass on my typos and auto-correct fails.

Case..or no case. That really is the question. I've been using the pouch so far because I'm petrified that I'm going to drop it, but its a bit of a nuisance. But since I also shelled out for the docking station, I'm not entirely sure I can even consider a case.....Hmmmm......

Does anyone know how I can take a screenshot???

And is anyone else irritated by the fact that they replaced the handy contacts and phone shortcuts (on either side of the applications button) with "dots". Waste of space!

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