Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nexus One Day!

I've got that familiar itching and general anxiety as I refresh the FedEx page a million times to see if my item has been delivered. I'm having my Nexus One delivered to work, and seriously, today I've accomplished a whole lot of nothing other than wearing my refresh button.
Yesterday I took a look through all my old posts about the apps I had been looking for in Windows Mobile and then in Blackberry, and then looked through the Android Marketplace and found they are all there! Friendfeed, eBay, Google Reader, Flickr, Photobucket, YouTube, TV Guide...all there! The only thing I didn't find was how to get paid versions of some apps, but I will worry about that when my Nexus One arrives (or perhaps my wonderful readers will leave a solution in the comments section!).
There are, of course, some apps that I won't be able to have (at first, anyway). Slingplayer is coming this summer, Skype is a confused state of affairs, and I haven't settled on an IM client just yet (eBuddy is ahead in the race, though). I still need a database app like ListPro.

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