Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Improved: YouTube on Blackberry

After months of squinting at horribly pixelated Youtube images on my Blackberry Bold, I all but gave up on the experience. However, lately I've noticed a vast improvement in my Blackberry Onyx's ability to play high quality YouTube videos. I'm not sure if YouTube did something on their end, or if the stars just aligned, but its definitely a marked improvement on such a small screen.

Photobucket Photobucket

Here's a hack to get high quality videos working on your device:

go to YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
click "start optimization"
test 1/7: click "yes" when you see the tiny grey heart
test 2/7: click "yes" when you see the puppy
test 3/7: click "no" when the flash lite video fails
test 4/7: click "click here" when pressing "5" key does squat
test 5/7: there is no test 5 for some reason - skip to test 6/7
test 6/7: click "YES" - the mp4 test video WILL FAIL BUT CLICK "YES" ANYWAY
test 7/7: click "YES" - the h.263 test video WILL FAIL BUT CLICK "YES" ANYWAY

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