Monday, March 29, 2010

10 Things I Love (and 5 I don't) about the Nexus One

After a full weekend with the Nexus One, here are some of the things I love about it:

1. Notifications- love the pull-down pane
2. Homescreen Widgets- so much information before even launching a single app
3. Screen- from the size to the resolution; its perfection
4. Dock- no wear and tear on the usb port; drop it in, and the clock shows up
5. Size- its not just the thinness, it seems molded to the shape of my hand
6. Google Integration- Calendar, Contacts, Email....all work seamlessly.
7. Eye Candy- from live wallpapers to the smooth look of apps, it blows Blackberry out of the water.
8. Battery- I was expecting to be horrified by woefully short battery life, but it exceeds my expectations
9. Web Surfing- I can't say why I enjoy this so much more than on the iPhone, but I really do. And its one place where the trackball really does make a difference.
10. Speed- I haven't encountered a single slowdown on my Nexus. It flies through all its tasks like a pro.

And here are the things I'm not so crazy about:

1. Facebook- The app needs a lot of work. Randomly hands over to the browser and notifications are inconsistent
2. Keyboard- I still love my physical keys. Can't help it.
3. Trackball Indicators- I find the interval on the glowing trackball to be too slow. I wish I had more control over the timing and colors, a la BerryBuzz
4. Task Management- I'm using Advanced Task Manager to manually kill unnecessary processes but I feel like the device should be doing this on its own.
5. Slippery- Putting a Zagg Invisible Shield on my Nexus was one of my top priorities; its one slippery bugger! The should have used a soft finish paint which would have been more tacky to the touch.

Extra: Grrr! I still can't take a simple screenshot!

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