Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Video, Please!

I've been thinking a lot lately about how mainstream video chat has become. Skype is probably the best example of how easy it is to use video chat across platforms and across skill levels. Every Saturday I have a Skype chat with my mother-in-law so she and Seth can have breakfast "together". She entertains him from hundreds of miles away and it gives me an opportunity to get the laundry started and also catch up with her on her week.

But imagine how invasive it would be if video chatting went mobile. Everywhere you went, you would be subjected to people holding up their phones in front of them in such a way that you couldn't tell if they were engaging in a mobile video chat or taking your picture without permission. You'd probably appear in people's chats randomly. To me, this kind of violation of my privacy might make me never want to leave the house!
I'm really hoping that video chat does not become the new trend. I've already heard far too much of people's private conversations as they bellow into their bluetooth headsets. I definitely don't want to get the visual!

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