Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kindle for Blackberry

Its finally here! Amazon has released their long-awaited Kindle app for Blackberry. I gave it a test run this morning and was generally impressed with it. The Whispersync technology (which remembers across devices which page you read last) works flawlessly. I noticed that the syncing happens right when you open the app, so I tested it in offline mode, and you are able to read your books- just without the sync.
The one feature which I really hoped would be there is the ability to change the font and background color. Unfortunately, you can only change the size of the font. For that reason, I'll probably be sticking to my Mobipocket app for now, which is the only Blackberry app I've found so far that has said feature. But hey, its free, and it works with your Amazon kindle purchases.

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