Sunday, February 21, 2010

How I Manage What to Wear

Many months ago I posted about my use of the iPhone app Touchcloset. The premise was to mark what you wore each day so you could make sure your wardrobe is evenly worn. I used it for many many months until I realized that what I really need in the morning is a clear idea of what I'm *going* to wear. With this new mandate I identified the best device to manage this process is not my ipod (which spends its night in the study attached to my PC) but my Blackberry (which is right by my bedside on its dock).
I decided to follow the mantra of "keep it simple, stupid" and have now been creating a new note for each week over the weekend and jot what I plan to wear. Sure, its less glamorous than having glossy photos of my clothes, but its far more functional, and really cuts down on the amount of time I spend sleepily looking around my closet in a daze each morning!

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