Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Netbooking

They say the third time is the charm and when it comes to netbooks, that's certainly been the case for me. My first attempt with the Asus Eee PC was a bust. I remember taking it on our trip to New Jersey back in 2008 when my phone died, and it was a painful experience. It wasn't fun to use, and I really didn't enjoy it at all.
My second go round was with the HP Mini 1000 and it was a massive improvement. Running familiar windows put me in a much more comfortable space, and I was pretty content for a while. In the end, the low memory (8GB!) and short battery life (2 hours!) brought the honeymoon to an end. I loved the keyboard though, and it helped me decide that I definitely wanted to stay with the HP family.
I got my HP Mini 110 in November and was 99% content with it. I was only irritated by the limitations of Windows 7 Starter edition- not being able to change my background? Who's brilliant idea was that?? But, I've been making the best of it for the past few months until 3 weeks ago when I got into a conversation with my IT guy at work who graciously offered me an external drive and a CD for Windows 7 Home premium (thanks Greg!). I did the upgrade and was beyond thrilled with the result. The full version of Windows 7 is fun, fresh, and a joy to use, and my HP has become a device I'm thrilled to use. The battery lasts me all day, there's enough memory to run everything I want to and the OS keeps it all fresh. What more could I ask for?!

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