Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Month of Onyx


Its been a full month with my new Onyx and I must admit- I'm in love. Everything works as it should, the compact size means I never have to put it down, and the battery life is absolutely wonderful.
Enough time has passed that I now feel completely comfortable on the platform and I have significantly raised my expectations for my second Blackberry device. With the additional memory and improved OS, everything runs smoothly and I can load up on as many apps as my heart desires.
Once again I feel totally connected- between BBM, the new Beejive IM, deeper Facebook functionality, SocialScope, a new threaded texting interface reaching out is as simple as picking up my Onyx. I've also been taking my Evernote usage to a whole other level- I archive just about every conversation, take photos of every receipt, and jot every thought that comes to my head- secure in the knowledge that it will be easy to refer to later.
Batterylife has become something that I don't even have to monitor anymore. At the end of my 15 hour day- even with the heaviest of use- I end up with about 60%. I remember a time when getting through just 8 hours was a challenge (Windows Mobile-I'm looking at you!).
On the apps front its been a slow march toward total satisfaction. In the past month there have been a slew of high-quality apps that have been developed or vastly improved- eBay, AP Mobile, TiVo Scheduler to name a few.
I can't think of a single gripe I have with my Onyx-honestly. Everything from the camera to the keyboard is just the improvement over the Bold I was hoping for.

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