Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Suddenly Working Apps


Either AT&T is doing stuff behind the scenes or I am losing my mind- both are cause for pause. On Sunday I couldn't get Googlesync working on my new 9700, which was problematic as I was trying to get my calendar items on it. I also noticed I couldn't play YouTube videos- either directly from the site or using the Vision app: not a major deal since I don't really use the site via mobile. I also couldn't get Sugarsync to work properly. It would launch fine, but when trying to open a document it would give an error message indicating that I had no application to handle the file type- which I did, DocumentsToGo.
Yesterday morning Google Sync suddenly started working again and happily synced up all my data. In the evening I tried using Vision again and videos played with no problem. And this morning I gave Sugarsync another shot and my documents opened up in DocumentsToGo with no problem. And with that, all apps are officially working as they should be!

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