Monday, November 23, 2009

Introducing: My New Bold 9700!

, originally uploaded by lulugirl896.

Finally!!!! Yesterday I went to my local AT&T store when it opened at noon and picked up my new Bold 9700! I love it! Its compact, but feels solid in hand. The screen resolution is amazing and the photo quality is outstanding.
I spent most of yesterday getting it all set up and loaded up with my apps and data. And then I flashed my Bold 9000 to a stable OS5 so that Dean could enjoy his "new" phone.
The only thing I can't get working properly is SugarSync- which for some reason will not open Word and Excel docs using DocumentsToGo. But I think I also had this problem when using one of the OS5 builds on my Bold 9000...hopefully, a solution will be forthcoming shortly.
Hardware-wise, I am having trouble consistently pressing the right convenience key. It might be slightly askew, or it might be that I haven't yet found the perfect angle to hit it every time. When my new matte black bezel arrives, I'll disassemble my 9700 and at that point I'll make sure the button is sitting right.
So far, so good! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

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