Monday, October 12, 2009

Spot the Difference....

Take a close look at these two phones-AT&T and Sprint's respective take on Samsung's latest phone. Can you spot the difference?

If you observed that the AT&T version is silver to the Sprint's gunmetal, then you're halfway there. The huge difference is that the Sprint's version is touchscreen (Windows Mobile Professional) which you can tell by the Windows logo placement on the top of the left side of the screen, vs the AT&T Standard which is on the bottom. While this change has me a bit irked (I mean, seriously, why is AT&T getting shafted in this deal??) it raises some questions in my mind. Could it be that a simple software change is all that stands between a touchscreen and non-touchscreen? Is the line between Professional and Standard going to be further blurred when they all become simply Windows Phones?

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