Friday, October 16, 2009

Need a Name for Your App Store?

With the latest craze of App Stores popping up all over the place, it was only a matter of time before we started running out of names to call them. Blackberry took App World, Android took Market, Palm took Catalog....and what are we left with?

Well, for those Johnny-come-lately's now looking to add their store to the list, here are a couple of names that are still available for you:

1. App Boutique- best for stores with overpriced apps- maybe the RIM should have used this moniker?

2. App Bodega- best for a store that has a hodge-podge of items that are easy to get to.

3. App Bazaar- now this would have been perfect for Windows Mobile....apps gathered from all over the web and sold under one umbrella.

4. App Mall- somehow this brings to my mind teeny-boppers hanging out. Possibly a good one for any of the texting feature phones.

5. App Trading Post- imagine an app store where you could trade your app for a new one!

Hopefully that's enough to get you rolling with your new App store. Remember, there's always good old App Emporium if you just can't get into the ones listed!

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