Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Kempler & Strauss launch Billionair 7 mobile phone

I thought this sounded mildy interesting (who doesn't love a QWERTYBar WM Pro?) until I looked closely at the specs. The screen is not even full QVGA but an awkard 240x300 pixels. And 75 minutes of talk time? Seriously?

Kempler & Strauss launch Billionair 7 mobile phone: "

Kempler & Strauss wasn’t a name I was familiar with until this week, but the company has been unveiling some pretty slick products recently. Today the company unveiled the new Billionair 7 mobile phone hailed as the first GSM quad-band 3.5G phone based on Windows Mobile.

The handset has all sorts of features that business users will like including a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard. The CPU inside the phone is a 624MHz unit for lots of power and performance. Other features include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The screen of the phone is a 2.5-inch TFT unit with a resolution of 240 x 300. The handset also has a 3MP rear camera for taking video and still shots and a front facing camera for video conferencing. The handset charges via USB and has a microSD card slot. Talk time is 75 minutes with standby time of 200 hours. The handset is available now for $275.


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