Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If Money was No Object

Here's something that stumps me: there are people in this world who are infinitely rich, right? So, how come when it comes to tech, the most you ever see is some kind of 'blinged-out' nonsense with carats of gold and diamonds? These 'luxury' phones never seem to have anything truly luxurious about them.
If I had the kind of money that would make people sit up and take notice (Trump, et al) then I would probably customize all my tech with crazy specs. I'd have the Blackberry Bold rebuilt with an 8mp camera and boosted to about 1Gb of Program memory. I'd have my own fleet of developers at my beck and call to bring my wildest app dreams to life.
So, here's my question to you: if money was no object, what kind of fantastic tech dreams would you bring to life? And why do you think the billionaires of our time haven't already whipped them up?

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