Monday, October 5, 2009

Getting Mobile Perspective

The Cincinnati Enquirer ran an interesting story yesterday about the effect mobile addictions have on our interactions with the people around us. I admit, I am very guilty of this type of behaviour- especially with my husband. I've been known to sit at the dinner table with a fork in one hand and my Bold in the other!! This story makes me think about the message I am sending him and my son, when I am so involved with everything else other than them. Granted, when something comes up, my husband is the first person to ask me to look it up ("Is it going to rain tomorrow?") but I think its important for me to make some adjustments. I'm going to try every day when I get home to put my Blackberry away, not grab the laptop, and really give my full attention to what's going on around me rather than just my peripheral vision.

The greatest gift we can give to others is to be present when speaking withthem. Resist the temptation to check for emails. You might be surprised that your business relationships will be stronger, your concentration better and your productivity greatly improved.

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