Friday, September 11, 2009

My Geeky Bank

I've been grumbling under my breath for the past few weeks, ever since Chase bank effectively devoured my favorite bank of all time: Washington Mutual. I loved WaMu for their laid back attitude, from the 'pods' throughout their branches, to their blue and khaki dress code. Everything about it just seemed hip.
So imagine my disappointment when a few weeks ago I popped into a branch only to be greeted by the conventional row of tellers, Chase branding throughout, and suits... I conducted my business, but was not happy about it.
Over the next few week weeks though, I started to notice things here and there that were making my life...easier? I'd never noticed just how many Chase branches they have. I cannot drive a full mile without bumping into one. And I noticed that when I use their BillPay system it deducts the funds immediately from my balance, making sure my bankbook matches up right away, rather than the next day like WaMu used to. Their mobile bank site is very full featured, and lets me do just about everything I can from the full site, including pay bills.
The cincher happened earlier this week. While I have direct deposit for my paycheck, we still get cut regular checks for our expenses, meaning I had to deposit it in my account after work. I had Seth in the car with me and didn't want to go through the hassle of unstrapping him to go into the branch, so I decided to go through the ATM. As I approached I noticed there were no deposit envelopes- grrr, but I decided I would just write my account number on the envelope the check was in, throw it into the ATM and hope for the best. That was when I noticed the big notices advertising envelope-free check deposits- what the hay, I'll give it a shot, I figured. I put my check in as instructed and prepared to key in the deposit amount- but the scan that popped up on the screen already read the amount off the check and asked me to confirm if it was correct. I confirmed it was correct, and it printed me out a deposit receipt complete with a photo of the scanned check! Color me impressed! As you can imagine, as soon as I got home I immediately tossed it into my scanner for entry into Evernote. With that, I can say that WaMu is but a distant memory in my mind- and hey, if the staff at my bank want to wear a suit instead of khakis, I think I can learn to live with that.

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