Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm Furious!

Disclaimer- this is in no way tech related. Its about a situation that unfolded this week that has me really irritated. Am I irrational about this? You tell me.

A fellow manager in another department who started about 2 months ago decided to take a vacation. Because there has been so much going on in the clinic lately, she approached me and asked if I would oversee her department while she was gone for a week. She promised that she'd touch base before she left to get me up to date on who she had put in charge of what, and let me know when she was headed out (she was leaving in the middle of the day).
Imagine my surprise when last Wednesday afternoon I found out that she had left- without saying a word to me. And then I found out that she had sent out a detailed email to the other managers reminding them that I was the point person for the next few days- a message she sent to everyone, except me.
So, I went ahead and hustled all week to hold down her fort as well as my own. Even though I have a million and one month-end projects and reports that I needed to either postpone or stay late to get done.
Late this morning she came back from her vacation. From my office I saw her walk in and she threw a wave as she came in. I fully expected that after a week away, she would settle in and then come and see me, if for nothing else to find out how things had gone. No such courtesy. the whole day passed and she did not stop in to say a word. She walked past my office several times, and not once did she even say "Hey, I need to make time to speak with you later." or, even a basic "Thanks". I couldn't believe what was going on!
Finally, at a quarter to 5pm she sent an email to all the managers (including me this time) and our CEO to say that she wants to have a meeting tomorrow morning at 9am for us to debrief her. What??? What could have been a 5 minute conversation is now being drawn out into a long meeting, and pushing my projects further back! How hard is it to:
-Tell me when you're leaving?
-Include me on an email?
-Touch base when you return?
-Thank me for doing 2 jobs for a week?

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