Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Tale of Selective Privacy

A user on the Crackberry forums posted this photo, which apparently one of his friends had snapped on the highway on her way to Virginia. I've blurred it out (somewhat) but the photo shows that the occupants of the vehicle thought it would be a good idea to post their Blackberry PIN numbers for all to see. I'm sure it seemed like a fantastic idea at the time.

So, imagine their surprise when they were bombarded with pin messages after the photos were posted on Twitter then on Crackberry- 2 places were thousands of Blackberry users frequent every day. In fact, Tyler (see photo) was concerned that his pin was being broadcast. Concerned. Yes, not worried about all the folks on the highway who had unfettered access to his pin, but that it had made its way to the internet (as these things ALWAYS do- don't believe me? Make a sex tape and see how long it takes to hit Twitter).

As a relative newcomer to the Blackberry world, I don't exactly know what havoc one could create knowing someone's pin and first name. But I do know that even the LifeLock CEO learned the hard way that displaying your personal information on a vehicle in public is probably a bad idea.

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