Sunday, August 9, 2009

Internet Down

Today we had a bunch of things to do which involved us popping in and out all morning. Once we settled in this afternoon I noticed our internet service was down. After testing out router I picked up the phone and realized our phone line was dead. We have AT&T for both and haven't had a problem with either in the 2+ years we've lived here so I was a bit surprised to have this problem. I used my Blackberry Bold to look up the number for customer service and (as its Sunday) was only able to schedule a Tuesday service call via the automated system. I found it hilarious that the auto-system asks:
"Are You able to get a dial tone on your telephone?" Immediatelt followed by:
"Are you calling from that phone now?"

The last time we had no internet service was in May 2007 when over-zealous Verizon cut off our service right away when we called to schedule ahead for our move. It was about 2 weeks of no internet, and I had the Samsung Blackjack at the time. Funny, but the thing I remember very clearly was that it was during the Rosie O'Donnell-Elizabeth Hasselbeck face-off and we went to Dean's sister's house (we all lived close by then) to watch it on YouTube.
This time around, I'm pretty chilled about it. I've got excellent service on my Bold, including YouTube (although the picture quality isn't great). I just dug out my registration code for Podtrapper so that I can have my podcasts to listen to as I drive to and from work. In fact, this has made me decide to use Podtrapper all the time since it will auto-update my podcasts (which my iPod won't). I also have PageOnce via Viigo so I can easily keep track of which bills are getting close to their due date.
Hopefully, they'll be able to get this fixed quickly and painlessly.
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