Monday, August 31, 2009

App-A-Day: PodTrapper


You might ask yourself what someone who owns an iPod Touch is doing with a Podcasting application on another device. Isn't iTunes meant to be the quintessential residence for all things podcasts? Well, it is...and yet, my most-wanted feature is curiously absent: auto-updating of podcasts from the device. Which means that if I forget to connect it to my PC one evening, I won't have my Buzz Out Loud fix on my way in to the office.
I recently remembered that before I lived a multi-gadget existence, I had purchased PodTrapper to get my podcasts auto-updated at 3am every morning. While I listen to my audio podcasts via my iPod, I enjoy watching my video podcasts on my Bold as I work out in the morning. Podtrapper is sold at a reasonable $9.99, which is a small price to pay for a neat little app that will work hard while you sleep, and present your favorite podcasts in an easy-to-configure playlist.

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