Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sometimes, a Sim is All You Need

Something odd happened to my phone on Monday. About halfway through the day I realized that I hadn't received any emails on my Bold. I tried surfing the web and I couldn't do that either, but I could make calls and send texts. I assumed something was off with my BIS but I couldn't find anyone else with the same issue anywhere online.
I decided to call AT&T to see if they could help with the issue. The first guy ran me through a number of tests and then decided it was a RIM problem- he transferred me through to RIM where I spoke with another rep who ran me through more tests and then said he needed to send me over to tech support. This guy finally determined that the issue must be with my sim card. I was skeptical about that since I could still make and receive calls, but at this point I was desperate enough to try anything.
After work I popped into my local AT&T store to pick up the sim card. I had my first pleasant surprise when the sales guy looked at my phone and asked which model of Blackberry it was. I told him it was a Bold and he asked how come it was all sleek and black. I explained to him that I had put a custom bezel on it and he asked about where I got it from and how hard it was to put it on. I love any opportunity to geek out with someone else so I was happy to oblige.
I got the sim card (free- which was a change from the $25 I had to pay a few years ago for a replacement) and put it in my phone. Imagine my surprise when I finally got notice that my service books had been pushed to my phone. I got all my messages that I hadn't received all day and all seems to be well. In a way its not a huge shock, since I've had my sim card since I got my Treo 650 back in 2005 (I think) but on the other hand I thought that once a sim was shot all services would fail to work.
Either way, I'm glad to be up and running again, and that the fix was something simple and free.

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