Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seduced by Sense

When I saw the HTC Hero I had the same reaction I have to all the other 'black slab' phones I see popping up all over the place: meh. Then I took a harder look at the HTC Sense UI that the device featured and it made me think long and hard about how I'm using my Bold these days. You see, the memory on the Bold is small, so generally you settle on a handful of apps and that's it. For me, that list includes the twitter app SocialScope, Facebook, Viigo newsreader, Poynt, Woman Mobile, and Ascendo Money. On Windows Mobile I thought nothing of loading dozens of apps regardless of whether or not I ever actually used them. These days I don't really even miss apps I don't have.

So, imagine if the few apps I do use were running in a widget format that I could flip through Palm Pre card-style. And instead of having the (annoying) ribbon notifications on the bottom of the screen, you had the android toolbar with its minimalistic approach.

If an device like this came to market with the body of the Blackberry Bold (which has the best keyboard I've ever experienced-beating even the Asus EEE PC in my opinion) I would probably scoop it up in a heartbeat. I enjoy using the Bold and it does what I need it to do very well but it just doesn't bring a lot of finesse or eyecandy to the table. My iPod Touch on the other hand is a lot of eye-candy but definitely not enough substance to convince me to go the iPhone route.

I hope I see a QWERTY-bar version of the HTC Hero in the near future. It could just be exactly what I need to satisfy all my senses.

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