Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Palm Pre Homescreen

It looks like the Palm Pre is finally getting a much needed homescreen view thanks to the hard work of one developer known on the Precentral forums as Mapara. This is a huge win for the Pre, as currently viewing information can only be done by leaving the relevant cards open. To have even a single card that can pull all this information in is a fantastic improvement.

If you have a Pre, I highly recommend you check this out and get in on the Alpha. And if you do use it, and like it, be sure to send the developer a donation as a thanks for all his hard work. Opening the door to these kinds of apps means that it won't be long before more developers look at how they can improve the entire ecosystem of WebOS. And who knows, maybe one of them will finally build a Facebook app so that we can all stop snickering each time the accurately named 'Under My Skin' commercial runs.

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