Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tech Hand-Me-Downs

Any time I upgrade to a new piece of tech I ask Dean if he's interested in the old one before I put it on eBay. When I moved to the iPod Touch, I really didn't want to sell my old Zune, so I was happy when he expressed an interest in it.
When I gave it to him, I loaded it up with a few episodes of the Car Talk podcast. After his first day with the Zune he came home thrilled and wanted more podcasts as he felt it gave him a welcome change from his music. He found the Zune Marketplace easy to navigate and before long he had added a large number of podcasts with varying topics.
Since he had already wired both of our cars with audio cables, he can now just pop the cable into his Zune and listen to his shows during his commute. I also had the Altec Lansing speakers so he's got a sweet speaker setup for his Zune.
Its nice to see him getting good use out of his Zune, and even my old Ubiquio 503G. He a hardcore smartphone user, but he does use his tasks quite regularly to remind himself of things, and he takes snapshots here and there. He's a heavy texter and really appreciates they keyboard on the Ubiquio, vs the TMobile SDA that he had inherited previously. Its always much nicer to have your favorite gadgets still in your home, even if its under new ownership.

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