Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Case of the Search-ies

Is it just me, or have web search engines become the new fad? Cuil, Ask, Wolfram Alpha, Bing....what is it all about? Rather than continuing to add new players to the mix (and really, who routinely uses anything other than their default- Google), it would be nice to see more people trying to expand upon what already exists. And who among us even remembered Cuil once the hype smoke settled?
Here's what I'd like to see: a single search engine where you type in your data. When I hit enter, I want to get each hit with a couple of windows beside each entry: One showing me a snapshot of the webpage, one showing me a focused image of any relevant photo on that page, and one with the relevant text large enough for me to read it to see if its applicable. Let me hover over each box for an expanded view, and click on each box to switch exclusively to that type of view (i.e. if I click on an image box, the search results will all switch to image view, etc). That's all I really want in a search engine. What would be your ideal search engine setup? And which existing one comes pretty close?

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