Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Summer of (Gadget) Love

Last summer, in a word, sucked. I couldn't find a job, We had a tension filled vacation, and our marriage was put to the test. On the gadget front, there was nothing exciting really. There were rumblings of the new Blackberry Bold (which hadn't come stateside at the time), the HP 910 had some annoying bugs which got in the way of its performance, and the new version of the iPhone only added 3G to the specs. I was armed only with my Ubiquio 503G (lacked memory) and AsusEEE PC (fail!) But, somehow, we all made it through relatively unscathed, and this summer promises to make up for the last.
I'm working, doing what I love once again, and happy to be back in the workforce. Dean and I have found our stride as new parents, and this year we've decided to have everyone come visit us in shifts, so that we can take advantage of babysitting and have a few evenings to ourselves. And as far as technology goes- this is the year bar none. This summer will bring us the launch of the Palm Pre, a new iPhone (most likely), new Android devices. More Blackberry devices are on the horizon, as well as the new family of HTC Diamond/Touch Pro 2 devices. Its also a great time to be on the sidelines: with my Blackberry Bold, iPod Touch and HP Mini 1000 I don't have that overwhelming itch to get anything new. I'm looking forward to a lot of unboxing videos, and reading reviews. And, as of yesterday, I learned that I may even be able to get my hands on a device or two as I was accepted into the WOMWORLD review process. So, I'll be getting a Nokia device in the near future which I will get to review for 3 weeks.
This is also the first summer in a long time that I'll truly be able to enjoy myself: last summer was clouded by not working, the one before I was hugely pregnant and uncomfortable in the heat of my first Texas scorcher, and the 3 prior to that I was so busy commuting 3+ hours a day to and from work, I wasn't enjoying much of anything at all. So I declare this summer- the Summer of Lulu!

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