Tuesday, May 12, 2009

QuickLaunch- An Invaluable Tool

I've had QWERTY-bar phones dating back to the Treo 180 (which may have been one of the first non-Blackberry devices in that style!) but it wasn't until I started using the Bold that I learned the convenience of having one-key shortcuts. I've only been on the OS for three months but I already have most of them commited to memory (A for addresses, B browser, C compose email, D notepad,etc).
QuickLaunch is a great utility which is similar to QuickMenu on Windows Mobile. You map it to a convenience key on the side of your Blackberry and it allows you to add a list of application shortcuts that will be accessible just about anywhere on the device.
Here's the other thing that QuickLaunch gives you: it shows the time in any screen of your device which is invaluable since this feature is vexingly missing in the titlebar of Blackberrys. This is one tool I wonder how I could ever have used my Blackberry without: http://www.nikkisoft.com/

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