Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Things Done

Do you have one of those lists of things that you'd like to get done at some point in time if you ever have the time to just bang them out? Well, I've got such a list- some items more important than others, but I just could never find the time to really get them done.
Last weekend I decided it was time to really get some items of that list. I finally worked with Dean to get hanging hooks put up in our laundry room so that I can hang clothes up right from the dryer, rather than trying to get them upstairs in a basket without getting all wrinkled. I finally got a neat case for my HP Mini. I finally worked up the courage to remove the film in my Mini's webcam. I finally pried the silver backing off the camera on my Bold so it sits flush on a surface, and has a nice all-black look. I finally got remote viewing working on my Slingbox. I've been feeling extremely productive and accomplished the more I get done. My next goal is to get the same kind of groove going at work and tackle some of the minor projects that I've procrastinated on. So, what are some of the projects on your time-inessential list that you really hope to get around to 'one of these days'?

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