Monday, May 11, 2009

Flush vs Recessed Screens

For years, when pdas and pda phones were first released, they had a slighly recessed screen. The logic was that the 'lip' would be able to protect the screen by taking most of the impact if it was ever laid directly on a surface. Most interactions were done with a stylus, allowing you to peck at the corners without difficulty.
Then, in 2007, the first iPhone was introduced, and the trend became flush screen as it was perceived as easier to use in conjuction with a finger rather than a stylus. A lot of reviewers criticized the Sony Xperia X1 for having a recessed screen rather than following the build style of the HTC Touch Pro.
Today I'm noticing that a number of skin cases for the iPhone offer a lip around the screen, to provide the very protection that pda users have known they've needed for over 10 years. Its interesting to watch these, like fashion, come full circle.

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