Friday, May 29, 2009

10 Things You Didn't Know about the Palm Pre

While the BoyGenius Report has been dragging their feet on a full Palm Pre review, forum member d94 on the Precentral site has methodically deconstructed the entire device and answered dozens of user questions about the day to day use. Here are some of the highlights of his findings:

1. You cannot save internet files to the Pre. You can view or stream them only

2. There is no scientific calculator built-in

3. There is no alarm clock. (Which seems like an odd omission)

4. You cannot control what gets pulled in with Synergy. D94 found that it added every email address he had ever sent a message to on Gmail resulting in about 3000 contacts being added.

5. Data speed over 3G averaged 1391 Kb/s

6.Supports streaming internet radio via the browser. Also streams in the background.

7.Supports Chinese out of the box.

8.Does not play dvix/avi files out of the box.

9. Can download MP3s from the Amazon Music Store over 3G and Wifi.

10. Battery life looks to be amazingly good. D94 reported a battery drop to 70% after 8 hours of moderate use.

You can wade through the rest over on the PreCentral Forums to get more information, including more about the camera quality, which looks pretty good even in lowlight conditions:


Only 7 more days until you can get your hands on your very own Pre!



This is a bonus point, but I think a pretty huge one for Palm Centro owners: the battery from the Centro works in the Pre!

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