Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome to App World!

If you own a Blackberry, then today is an exciting one for you! Its App World Day! This morning the Blackberry Application store (named App World, which oddly reminds me of Wally World from National Lampoon's Vacation- but, I digress) was available for download on most newer Blackberry devices. I took it for a twirl and was reasonably impressed with it. For a new release, I was happy to see a fair number of free applications, and the layout is well thought-out and easy to navigate.

App World

So far, the most downloaded application has been the Shazam MusicID application which comes with a 2 month trial after which it appears it will be $4.99. Now the Blackberry version seems to be much more robust than the one I was using on Windows Mobile- this one not only stores your tagged songs, but can also suggest similar tracks, and share track info! I love it, and if the $4.99 does not turn out to be a monthly subscription fee but in fact a flat rate, then I will happily open my wallet to get this one.


All in all, I'd have to say that the Blackberry App World launch has been a success!

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